Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 was remastered and released 1999. It was a rather dark tinted version, however some scenes such as the Gozer Temple benefited as it avoided blowout contrast.

List of ReleasesEdit


  • Formats:
    • VHS Fullscreen
    • VHS Widescreen
    • DVD Dual-Layer Widescreen

Ghostbusters 2Edit

  • Formats:
    • VHS Fullscreen
    • DVD Two-sided Fullscreen/Widescreen


  • Includes:
    • DVD Dual-Layer Widescreen
    • DVD Two-sided Fullscreen/Widescreen


Ghostbusters FeaturesEdit

  • Ghostbusters: The Motion Picture
  • Live Video Commentary: Ivan Reitman, Harold Ramis, And Joe Medjuck
  • Spook Central
    • Deleted Scenes (Scene Cemetery)
    • Tricks and Trivia
    • Grab Bag
      • Ghostbusters Recommend
        • Trailers for Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Groundhog Day, Stripes
      • Featurette: 1984 "The Making of Ghostbusters"
      • Featurette: 1999 "Star"
    • Special Effects
      • Featurette: 1999 "Meet the Special Effects Team"
      • Special Effects (SFX) Before and After with Angles
      • Storyboard to Film Side by Side Comparison
      • Production Photos
    • Conceptual Drawings
    • Storyboards
      • Split-Screen Compare
      • Ghostly Gallery

Ghostbusters 2 FeaturesEdit

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Product Images for GhostbustersEdit

Screen Caps for GhostbustersEdit

Comparison images to other versions of GhostbustersEdit

These images were provided to both Spook Central (Fan Site) and Ghostbusters Wiki as a joint project.

Product Images for Ghostbusters IIEdit

Screen Caps for Ghostbusters IIEdit

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