Achira's Appendage Minions [1] are snake-like beings who serve Achira and help spread her disease.


In 1997, Egon Spengler encountered three Appendage Minions and failed to confine them in Proton Streams. He chased after them alone into an alley. They grabbed Egon and electrocuted him into submission. The Extreme Ghostbusters later investigated the Crosstown Subway and found an ancient tunnel guarded by a lone Appendage Minion. When the Extreme Ghostbusters investigated the tunnel, the minion awoke and attacked them. Eduardo Rivera blasted the minion and it was atomized. The minions were all presumably trapped with Achira or dissipated


The Appendage Minions are aptly connected to Achira's appendages and can detach.


The minions can fly and attack through some form of electrokinesis.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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