Not to be confused with the ghost hunting anime Ghost Sweeper Mikami or the South Korean 2012 film Ghost Sweepers.

The Action Vehicle: Ghost Sweeper Vehicle a action vehicle is part of Kenners The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line's line.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Ghost Sweeper Vehicle
with Street Creeper Ghost

Front of Box NotesEdit

Capture ghost with rotating sweepers

Back of Box InstructionsEdit

1. The Real Ghostbusters Heroes are off to rid the city streets of ghosts! Any two of The Real Ghostbusters hero figures can climb aboard and ride the new Ghost Sweeper.
2. Take aim at sneaking ghosts with the top mounted Nutrona Blaster.
3. Help The Real Ghostbusters Heroes activate the Ghost Sweeper action and spin the loudspeakers by speeding forwards or backwards.
4. Start the Ghost Sweeper action and The Real Ghostbusters Heroes can sweep the Street Creeper Ghost into their trap and hold him there with other ghosts.

Booklet DescriptionEdit

Description from Action Toy Guide
This vehicle sweeps up ghosts and traps them in a special containment chamber. Includes spinning speakers, mounted nutrona blaster and special Street Creeper Ghost.





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