Al and Gladis [1] [2] are a married couple whose dog Prince was possessed by Demi-Dog.


Late one night, Gladis was startled awake by a weird noise their apartment unit She, in turn, woke up her husband Al. Al mumbled something but second occurrence convinced him to get up. He donned his robe and grabbed a bat. They cautiously walked outside and investigated the source of the sound. Gladis believed there were burglars in their apartment and was worried they might hurt their puppy dog Prince. Instead, they came across a pile of objects. Prince, remotely possessed by Demi-Dog, was standing upside down on the ceiling. After some of his drool fell on Al's face, Prince chased them. Al and Gladis hid in a janitor closet outside in the hall but Prince ripped the door open. Their scream rang out across the Manhattan skyline.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Hawkins, Barry (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Dog Days" (Third Draft May 5, 1997) (Script p. 01). Line reads: "Gladis, in her robe, prods him along."
  2. Hawkins, Barry (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Dog Days" (Third Draft May 5, 1997) (Script p. 01). Gladis says: "I heard a noise, Al!"



Primary CanonEdit

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