Albuquerque is a city located in the state of New Mexico.


After Special Agent Melanie Ortiz and Special Agent Jim Savage resumed active duty, they were involved in a shoot out in Albuquerque. As they drove back to headquarters, Savage noticed something was wrong with Ortiz despite the fact they had lot's of forms to fill out later.



IDW Comics


  1. Melanie's Character Card (2015). Cryptozoic Entertainment- "Ghostbusters: The Board Game" (2015) (Character Card). Card reads: "Met the Ghostbusters when they took a case in New Mexico."
  2. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #6" (2016) (Comic p.2). Melanie Ortiz says: "I'm from New Mexico, sweetie. This is nothing."

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