ApoKERMIS Now! is an adventure for use with the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game.

Back SummaryEdit

"When sunlight's luminating eye
finds ancient tome of dark delights;

When children changed by demon's kiss
encircle maid of primness tops-

Then Frog-steeds of th' ApoKERMIS fly
Beyond evil's previous heights,

And raise the dead in rev'ler's bliss
That drowns the world in meat and hops!

Long before the rise and fall of the Third Reich, long before the rise and fall of the House of Usher, long before even the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, history and literature both ignored the rise and fall of ancient Lonibabia, the nation that partied itself into oblivion. But a deadly prophecy remains, and fulfillment seems horribly near at hand. Is this the Fall of Civilization? Or can the Ghostbusters gate-crash the world's last bash?

ApoKERMIS Now! includes:

  • detailed maps of the Lo-Cal Collage campus and the Lo-Cal Museum of Art's Lonibabian Exhibit.
  • newly issued GBI experimental Sky Sleds to test-and travel in high style
  • complete descriptions of the Elder Gods of Fast Times-the four Frog Riders of the ApoKERMIS!
  • and last but never least, a prim and proper young woman with a devastating personality disorder"

Los Cazafantasmas: ¡Apocalipsis!Edit

Released in Spain by Joc Internacional, it is a Spanish translation of "ApoKERMIS Now!". The front and back were altered to having the Real Ghostbusters. Contents are otherwise only altered by translation.


Supporting CastEdit

Unless otherwise noted, the list is from pages 4 and 7.'

Helga Gross
Dr. Harlan Herbert Loone
Cindy Marie Worthwhile
Wilderness Kids
Lonibabian Masses
Professor Wolfgang Von Horton
Lilith, ghostly high priestess of party

Other characters/items found along the way. Page numbers listed after characters/items name.

The Package (10)
Postghost (11)
Dead Letters (11)
Ghostly Pirates (14)
Starlet O'Harra (24)
Fireman Bob (24)
The Cult of the Gate Crashers (24)
Party Pooper Ghosts (24)

  • Old Man Ted
  • Swedish Chef
  • Tiny Tina

Roger Major (24)
Benjy Franklin (25)
Imps (27)
The Green Slime (28)
Donald Chester (29)
Gate Demons (34)
Nebberagaan (35)
The King's Guards (35)
Serving Wenches (35)
Mrs. McReynolds (35)

Characters/groups noted in stories, but don't have stats and are only for story purposes.
Dread Kermis? (01)
King Nebberagaan (02)
The Brothers of Tappa Kegga Beer fraternity (03)
Lo-Cal Ghostbusters-The franchise on the case. (03)



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