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Arnie Nadel [1] [2] was an employee of the Cheap Thrills Amusement Park who always had reservations about keeping the Rollerghoster ride in operation, even before it was found to be haunted.


Arnie was present when Egon Spengler demanded a refund and threatened Ray Cougar with a lawsuit. Following Cougar's orders, Arnie summoned Moose and Rocko to the Rollerghoster. They promptly dealt with Egon. When ghosts started appearing in the Rollerghoster's Ghost Tunnel section, the ride malfunctioned. Arnie's misgivings were finally validated. However, Cougar decided to reopen the ride as a haunted attraction. After the ghosts took over the ride, Arnie was among the crowd evacuated out of the carnival.


The Real Ghostbusters


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