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Aykroyd Park [1] is a public park in New York City that is near or part of Central Park.


Near the beginning of the Ghostbusters' campaign to shut down a major paranormal incursion, Boogaloo Manifestations were sighted in Aykroyd Park. In order to trick them into manifesting, the Ghostbusters banished Class 1 and Class 2 ghosts through open Spirit World Gates nicknamed Tribute Gates. The Boogaloo Manifestations appeared when four ghosts were placed into a gate each. In turn, they banished the manifestations through the gates to seal them.




  1. The Slimer Situation Campaign, Scenario #3 Card (2015). Cryptozoic Entertainment- "Ghostbusters: The Board Game" (2015) (The Slimer Situation Campaign, Scenario #3). Card reads: "Boogaloo Manifestations have been sighted in Aykroyd Park!"

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