Bad Gopher [1] is a mischievous gopher who once tried to eat prize winning tulip owned by Mrs. Pennyworth.


Bad Gopher arrived at the Mrs. Pennyworth Estate and tried to eat her tulips. It happened to be the day Slimer was working on the front yard. Slimer stopped the gopher from eating a tulip, stealing them all, and even repelled two direct attacks unintentionally. The gopher sabotaged a lawn mower with rocket fuel and tried to fire a cannon at Slimer but ended up on the receiving end. The last straw was when he landed on a potted cactus. Bad Gopher had enough and vacated the estate.




  1. Slimer (2009). Slimer!- "Go-pher It" (1988) (DVD ts. 18:00-18:04). Time Life Entertainment.

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