The Bagged Head of Azahotep is a Cursed Artifact found in the Museum of (Super)natural History level of Ghostbusters: The Video Game


Is this giant stone head...breathing?


c.1967 BC Once part of a mammoth statue of the evil Egyptian god/warrior Azathotep, this stone head has never been able to keep its mouth shut. Normally it just breathes heavily and mumbles but occasionally it will whisper a maddening, sanity-dissolving riddle that has sent more than one unlucky listener into the asylum.

Where to Find ItEdit

In the Field: After exiting the Egyptian main room, go into the hallway with Winston where Black Slime will be on the walls and the lights will go out. After Peter tries to scare the rookie, turn left and the head will be there in plain sight.

At the Firehouse: First floor, behind Peter's desk


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