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Bandai Ghostbusters Toy Line which was the first to make a standard Stay Puft action figure. Bandai's Ghostbusters items are mostly aimed the Japan market.



  • (G-001) Marshmallow Man doll L type
  • (G-002) Marshmallow Man doll M type
  • (G-008) Marshmallow Man doll piggy bank



  • The 1984/85 Stay Puft's makes an appearance during Michael Gross interview in background for SFX Museum vol.1 Richard Edlund LaserDisc.
  • Stay Puft then appears on the table to the left of Harold Ramis in "Slimer Won't Do That!" documentary.
  • Stay Puft also makes an appearance on the Real Ghostbusters Time Life Box Set extended interview for Joe Medjuck.

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