"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Bate's House is modest two story home located on Long Island.


In 1997, Leonard Bates purchased a home from Adelaide Realty in a bid to change his life. However, Bates discovered a wishing well in the tool shed and made a flippant wish for a bride. The Wishgiver in the well created a Ghost Bride to drain Bates' of his life force. Bates managed to avoid the ghost's kiss and drove straight to the Firehouse in Manhattan. Once the Ghost Bride was trapped, Bates returned home and scheduled an appointment with a plumber. However, the Ghost Bride returned and attacked him. Bates hid in a hallway closet and called the Ghostbusters. They drove to the house and retrieved Bates. In order to outsmart the ghost, the team destroyed most of the reflective surfaces in the house. Garrett Miller and Bates went ahead to the tool shed and faced the Wishgiver. The others trapped the second Ghost Bride then joined Garrett in destroying the well and the Wishgiver.


Extreme Ghostbusters



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