The Bates CPA, PC is a certified public accounting firm, founded as a professional corporation, located on the 13th floor of the Chase Manhattan Bank Building in Queens.


In the springtime, the ghost of the Five Points Killer manifested in the accounting firm and began capturing each employee. One of the employees, Mr. Crook, evaded the ghost and called the Ghostbusters. Some time later, a team consisting of Special Agent Melanie Ortiz, Kylie Griffin, Rookie, and Ron Alexander arrived at the building. Kylie recognized the ghost and manipulated it into releasing its victims by calling it a coward then blasting at it. The ghost flew up to the 14th floor while its victims banged into the ceiling, unable to phase through, and fell to the floor. Rookie and Kylie escorted the victims to safety then rejoined Melanie and Ron and captured the ghost.

Known EmployeesEdit


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