The Beauty Queen Ghost are ugly manifestations of women who once were beauty queens. These creatures are very similar in abilities to the Possessor Ghosts and, too, could possess people and objects, like statues.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Class: Class IV Wandering Possessor
  • Type: Ghost (must trap)
  • Behaviors:
    • Attack: Range
    • Weakness: Proton Stream
    • Dazed Duration: Moderate
    • Trap Resistance: Medium
    • Special: Possess Bystanders


Beauty pageants and parades of all sorts have always been a big part of the culture of NYC, and Beauty Queens have been among the city's crowning jewels. Beauty Queens hate to be replaced, though, and for some, perching atop thrones and waving to the masses is their high point in life. In death, they remain desperate for attention and return to reign and be adored all over again in spectral splendor.

Contact Protocol:Edit

Don't worry, you can't possible be dazzled by the Beauty Queen Ghost's once-beautiful visage, recruit. These spirits have been so thoroughly corrupted in death, they now resemble hags and often seek refuge in bystanders. Capable of possessing humans, the Beauty Queen Ghosts still present a threat to your teammates and other nearby humans. If they do, drive them out of their corporeal shells with your Slime Blower then use the standard "Zap, Cap, and Trap" protocol, as you would with any other wandering spirit.

Manifestation Point:Edit

Natural History Museum


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