Beth Shalom Synagogue is a Jewish house of prayer located in Brooklyn. [1] [2]


In 1997, the synagogue received priceless ancient scrolls from Prague. The next week, vandals broke into the synagogue late at night but were attacked by a Golem secretly created by Chaim, a student, to protect the site. The next day, the synagogue was flooded with reporters. The head rabbi, Rabbi Moskowitz, refused to allow the Extreme Ghostbusters inside to procure a sample of clay on the synagogue walls. Later in the evening, Eduardo Rivera was volunteered to climb the fence and get a sample. He, too, was attacked by the Golem but it was forced to retreat when fired upon. A couple days later, friends of the vandals broke into the synagogue to exact some payback. The Golem attacked them, too, and pursued them to the nearby RSDO Ironworks plant. Once the Golem was destroyed and the vandals arrested, the community volunteered to help clean up the synagogue.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Nancy Morrison (2009). Extreme Ghostbusters- The True Face of a Monster (1997) (DVD ts. 6:16-6:20). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Nancy says: "From the Beth Shalom Synagogue in Brooklyn, this is Nancy Morrison."
  2. Isenberg, Marty and Skir, Bob (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "The True Face of a Monster" (First Draft January 20, 1997) (Script p. 11). TV Reporter says: "Police are still searching for the vandals who defiled Brooklyn's Beth Shalom Synagogue last night."


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