Blintzy Jones is a theater producer infamous for his big-budget musicals that often utilize explosions, surround sound, and the like.


When Blintzy Jones first started out as a producer, he received a series of terrible reviews from the critic Francis Frum who cited his big-budget musicals as an insult that was destroying a national institution. Jones was a success and made his fair share of enemies. He went on to produce dozens of musicals and made millions.

Blintzy put years of blood, sweat, and tears into the production of "Runaway Romance," a musical about a girl in love with a jet fighter pilot. $45 million, with advertising costs, was sunk into it and the play needed to sell out the whole run to turn a profit. Jones even brought in an actual F-14 jet, earning the acclaim of doing the biggest and most expensive stunt in theater history. When Frum's ghost began terrorizing the production rehearsals, Jones called the Ghostbusters to down and simply ease the cast and crew. He didn't believe the problems on set were supernatural in origin. Once the Haunted F-14 cleared out the theater house, Jones asked the Ghostbusters to become part of the show in order to protect his investment. Peter Venkman agreed to the offer on behalf of the team.

After two weeks, Blintzy threatened to fire the Ghostbusters if they didn't deal with Frum after seeing changes to the play brought on by the ghost. Behind Blintzy's back, the Ghostbusters swapped in one of Frum's unpublished scripts and hired the ghost of Monty Biggins as the new lead. On opening night, Blintzy was concerned to see the marquee was changed and commemorative T-shirts gone. The crowd's extreme adulation for the play and the performance, itself, convinced Blintzy a musical can be good even without any explosions and all style and no substance makes for a shallow experience. Blintzy and Frum entered into a partnership. As long as Blintzy gave Frum the credit, he could produce more scripts and keep the profits for himself. They then took the stage and bowed with the cast.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 1


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