• Devilmanozzy

    There are bold assumptions that I will be here forever, and that I am a king of this Wiki. Both are false.

    First of all, I am here cause I want to. I'm not tied to this project. I have been a fan of Ghostbusters since 1986. I am here to build a great place to find information on Ghostbusters. That is why I'm here right now.

    King of Ghostbusters Wiki?! I thought it was Kahlil? Anyways, yes I have currently the most edits here, which I guess makes me the Default Leader. Never was it my mission to build a Ghostbusters Kingdom. I am more of a Jester you know!

    So what are the plans for Ghostbusters Wiki? ...... Keep building and developing articles. I see some awesome ideas from Mrmichaelt lately. As for me, I may focus more on Ghostbuster equipme…

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  • Mrmichaelt

    First Journal

    October 14, 2010 by Mrmichaelt

    For the topic of my first blog here, I'll say my primary interest right now is Tobin's Spirit Guide. So much, I've been compiling info and putting them in a spreadsheet document.

    "John Horace Tobin spent 20 years risking life, limb and sanity to gather true accounts of human encounters with the paranormal. His travels covered the world, and his lively, informal style earned him fame and recognition wherever he journeyed. An invaluable reference aid, Tobin's Spirit Guide details sites, sightings and situations on nearly every continent."

    I took the Ghostbusters International Reference Book to heart and was inspired to create my own version. Thanks to the recent DVD series set of The Real Ghostbusters, I was recently able to complete a Microso…

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  • Yukums


    September 11, 2010 by Yukums


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  • Devilmanozzy

    Here is a check list of the badges. I didn't reveal the ghosts, as I think that is part of the fun of it. There is a total of 40(now 56) badges to get, however one of the badges is unattainable at this time so you can get up to 39(55). Warning, some take a lot of time to get. One badge requires a daily edit everyday for 365 days. Good luck getting that one!

    "Edit" 8 badges (theme of ghosts "The Real Ghostbusters")

    Easy Badges, just edit any normal article and it counts

    • 1 edit
    • 5 edits
    • 10 edits
    • 25 edits
    • 50 edits
    • 100 edits
    • 250 edits
    • 500 edits

    "Pictures" 8 badges (theme of ghosts "NOW Comics The Real Ghostbusters")

    Add pictures in a article with the "Add picture" and it will count.

    • 1 picture
    • 5 pictures
    • 10 pictures
    • 25 pictures
    • 50 pictures
    • 100 pictures
    • 250 picture…

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  • Devilmanozzy

    I last month changed the "Whatever of the Month" from Article to Poll. It seems people enjoy the polls more than picking a article to feature. It was claimed to have a vote count of over 400. What do you'll think? Also, what should the question next month be?

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  • Devilmanozzy

    I brought in the whole achievement thing to get people editing, posting, and enjoying the wiki. I hear complaints that this will encourage bad/useless edits. From where I stand, and I am a administrator here, it is fine. People need some play room and to enjoy themselves while editing. I don't want a strict wiki that bans people hourly.

    Currently as I write this, we've had atleast a 4 people edit here and enjoy the system. Yes they are trying to earn the badges, but the point is, they are here and enjoying the wiki. That is something I want people to do. Enjoy this Wiki. I didn't build this wiki so it could sit dormant when I'm not editing. I want a living place that people enjoy editing at.

    So for the record, I am not for banning users over…

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  • 0heartlink


    August 7, 2010 by 0heartlink


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  • SonofSamhain

    I personally like everything of or pertaining to Ghostbusters(except for those phoney-baloney Filmation Ghost Busters[No offense, Devilmanozzy]). I would like to know if anyone here prefers a certain part of the franchise.


    • The movies
    • The Real Ghostbusters
    • Extreme Ghostbusters
    • Any video game
    • Any comic
    • Any or all of the above.
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  • Ddear


    August 6, 2010 by Ddear


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  • Ddear


    August 6, 2010 by Ddear


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  • Magma-Man

    I was so excited when I found out that they were making a Ghostbusters video game! I thought at first it was supposed to be based on the first movie, and was surprised when I found out it was supposed to take place after Ghostbuster II. I had gotten an Xbox 360 recently and there were five main games I wanted for it.

    1. Fallout 3
    2. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
    3. Wolfenstein
    4. Ghostbusters
    5. and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    I have bought the game recently from GameStop used, for the purpose of getting it cheap. I loved it. I also was excited when I looked at the back of the case and saw that the people who wrote the story for the original Ghostbusters movies wrote this one, and it even had the same actors! This will be a long review, so unless you really want…

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  • Master Mold

    Your Favorite GHOST?

    January 8, 2010 by Master Mold

    So, this is my first blog entry so far:)

    I don't know about you, but for me, the greatest thing in Ghostbusters franchise is the Ghosts themselves. Their greatness depends on how realistic or scary they are in their appearances, and which mysterious events happens around them. To date, I've seen about 20 RGB series (but only in my childhood - about 15 years ago), all the EGB series, all the movies, and played three major games ("Sega", "Ecto-1" and "The Video Game")... and seen a lot of different ghosts. The reason why I made this post is to tell you about my favorites and find out who is yours!

    I encourage you to post your own version of TOP-5 (or TOP-10... or TOP-100;) of your own favorite ghosts in the comments to this post!

    There comes so…

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  • Fryguy81

    Spiderwitch Theories

    October 12, 2009 by Fryguy81

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game: Theories on the Spiderwitch.

    This game was extremely well written and further explained the science and theories behind ghosts and the interactions between this world and the other.

    However, there are a few theories that invariably get brought up through clues accidentally put in the game or otherwise matched up with basic insight. 

    One of the most memorable encounters in the game is the battle with the Spiderwitch, there is no tale more gruesome, or truly frightening to me than hers.

    I don't know, maybe the fear that that level generated in me is due to the true isolation that the game created in an abandoned hotel on a haunted floor, maybe it's my natural aversion to Spider's and all 8 legged creatures in genera…

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  • SonofSamhain

    I have had sveral dreams where I was playing a strange EGB game. In the first dream, I was playing a PS2 Extreme Ghostbusters game that was like Ultimate Invasion except the custcenes were in GCI and the enemies were in 3D too. Garrett was also able to walk for some reason. I had another dream where I was blasting ghouls in an internet game where I was able to play as Egon, Kylie, and Eduardo. I was helping Janine, Roland and Garrett respectively when I played as them. I also had a dream where Brother Bear from the Berenstan Bear books made friends with Slimer and attempted to open the Containment Unit until I stopped him and told him the consequences of opening the Unit. Are there any GB Dreams you would like to share?

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  • Devilmanozzy

    I'll admit it, I need time away from Ghostbusters wiki. It's not that I feel the wiki isn't awesome, and I enjoy reading others edits. I just need to focus on other issues, other wikis and plain take a break. With Liberal Noob as another mod, I think its ok to relax a bit. I'm not leaving the wiki, but after pushing this wiki for some time, I need to take a break.

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  • Devilmanozzy

    Lets get down to the point, I'm a Ghostbuster fan, so you know I'm going to love the game. But...

    First of all, like many I am wondering could the game just been a bit longer? The lack of a parade level really annoyed me, as it was in the ads. Submissions or random calls at Janines desk to go do would have added. Anyways, overall it has some interesting story lines as it connects Ghostbusters(Film) to Ghostbusters II a lot. Especially when down in the Slime labs, which then it turns out the Mood slime came from there as well which connects Ivo Shandor to Vigo. As just noted Ivo Shandor is the main villain of the game which is the architect behind Dana's apartment building in the first movie.

    Now as for the goodies of the game, some of the eq…

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