Boris [1] was a hunchback that served the ghostly vampire Count Von Blukenporken. Also assisting the Count was Frau Schweinkiller. Boris is known for bumping into things and being a terrible driver, possibly because of his tight hat or even because he may be blind.


Boris awaited the Ghostbusters' arrival at a German train station and drove them to Blukenporken in record time. After they met up with the Mayor of Blukenporken, Boris took the guys to Von Blukenporken Castle and introduced them to Frau. He mainly stood on the sidelines and awaited his master's return, especially after Winston Zeddemore took over driving duties. It is unknown what happened to him or his associate after the Count was destroyed, but it is possible that they were arrested by the people of Blukenporken.


Boris notably is very clumsy. He doesn't really care about anything other than the resurrection of the Count.


  • Boris' name may be an homage to the late horror film actor Boris Karloff.
  • Boris' design seems to be based on the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • Boris resembles Igor, portrayed by Marty Feldman, in the movie "Young Frankenstein" (1974).


The Real Ghostbusters


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