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The Boson Caster [1] is a Proton Pack attachment invented by Ron Alexander designed to emit Boson Darts.


Some time after joining the Chicago Ghostbusters, Ron Alexander invented the Boson Caster and installed it on his own Proton Pack. Ron was forced to test it during an impromptu battle with the Two-Headed Man-Eaters of Tsavo in the Field Museum of Natural History. Forced to shoot it at close range, Ron was able to decapitate one of the Man-Eaters. However, the blast failed to neutralize the entity. During the battle against Vigo on Hart Island, Ron used the Boson Caster on him at point blank range since Ray Stantz was stuck in a trance state and couldn't use the Slime Blower.


  • The Boson Caster appears to loosely resemble the Predator's Plasma Caster from the Predator movie franchise.


IDW Comics


  1. Spectral Incident Report (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #5" (2016) (Comic p.23). Spectral Incident Report reads: "(1) modified proton pack with boson caster."


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