"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

This article is about a character or concept that has no name. The name used is decided by Admins. For issues of what name, please raise it on the talk page.

Brenner's Apartment is a 24 floor apartment located on Central Park.


Professor Brenner unknowingly brought Shanbahac home with him. It took root with a potted plant and attacked Brenner. Somehow, Brenner was able to make a call to the Extreme Ghostbusters before he was encased in a pod. Roland Jackson cross referenced the caller I.D. through an online reverse phone directly and found Brenner's address. After escaping from plants in the building elevator, the team forced their way into Brenner's room and confronted Shanbahac. It escaped and flew down to Central Park.

Known ResidentsEdit


Extreme Ghostbusters



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