Broccoli Queen Autobiography is a Cursed Artifact found in the Return to the Sedgewick Level level of Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions).


The sound of music and clinking Champagne glasses waft from this book.


c. 1973 The beautiful Sydney Chalmers came to the big city with big dreams and a modeling contract, and was selected to be the Broccoli Queen of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1967. Little did she know that would be the pinnacle of her career. She went to Hollywood to make movies, but only appeared in a string of low-grade exploitation films. A life of ongoing wild parties and desperation led her to pen a sexy and scathing tell-all of the beauty industry. Sydney died in a tragic and somewhat suspect hot tub accident the day the book hit the stands. She never knew that she'd finally found success she craved, as the book entered bestseller lists and remained there for over two years. Not really cursed, but it's a really good airplane read.

Where to Find ItEdit

In the Field: After finding John O'Keefe in the stairwell, go up the stairs until the meter flashes. Look down on the floor and the book will be open on the landing. It should be behind the bellhop's luggage cart.

At the Firehouse: Second floor bedroom on the desk.


The Pin-Up Calendar of Doom! Cursed Artifact features an image of a woman, possibly Sydney Chalmers, dressed in a broccoli-themed costume.


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