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Friendly, But Ill-Informed Ghost

Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters;
"Buster the Ghost"

Buster is a ghost that is often accompanied by a sentient pocket watch. He has tried many jobs, but ended up being fired all the time.


As a Tooth Fairy, Buster was caught practicing unlicensed dentistry and warned to stop. However, on a routine job, Buster again performed unlicensed dentistry on a boy named Tommy. Soon after, Buster was detained by the Tooth Police and fired. While wallowing in sorrow, he saw a television ad for the Ghostbusters' services and thought that they were people who took care of ghosts.

Despite Egon's objection, the Ghostbusters hired Buster as a cook. While they were out on a bust, he invited many ghosts to the Firehouse and threw a party. The presence of so many entities disturbed the ethereal balance and threatened to create a hole in the space-time continuum. It was only then did Buster realize exactly what it was the Ghostbusters did. The ghosts were forced out of the Firehouse by venting the Containment Unit. He then got a job at a ghost town in California, but he left his pocket watch behind.


  • Buster doesn't care for Zombies because they have bad teeth. [1]
  • When listing a previous occupation as a Ghost Writer, Buster states, "You can't get any lower than that." This appears to be an inside joke made by the writers of the episode.
  • Buster has had at least 6 jobs
  1. House Haunter
  2. Graveyard Ghastly
  3. Ghost Writer
  4. Tooth Fairy
  5. Firehouse Cook
  6. Ghost Town Custodian
  • Buster is a good cook.
  • On page three of Ghostbusters Issue #1, Buster makes a non-canon cameo as an audience member of "The Ja'nine Show."


The Real Ghostbusters


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