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"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The By-Products of Dreams were by-products of sleeping New Yorker's dreams when hit by an incredibly powerful sleep dust from Sandman.


By-Products of Dreams[1] started appearing in the Chelsea district area[2] as the Sandman was using incredibly powerful sleep dust[3] to make people sleep. The Sandman's goal was to make all of humanity sleep for 500 years. The Ghostbusters found on they new settings that the proton streams would disrupt they molecular density,[4] which made them go poof. However, taking out a dream by-product also alerted the Sandman of their whereabouts.[5]

On the second confutation between the Ghostbusters and the Sandman, he turns some of the dreams into nightmares. It is also suggested by placing the Easter Bunny as a guard to the Ecto-1, that nightmares serve the Sandman. However, normal dreams do not report to the Sandman, as suggested in Egon and Janine's cases.

Ultimately, it was by controlling a dream (lucid dreaming) one could in dream mode still fight the Sandman, which is what Janine did. After the Sandman was trapped, all By-Products of Dreams dissipated and everyone asleep awoke.

List of Known Dreams/GhostsEdit

  • Sled lead by mice
  • Big nose nomad on camel
  • Pulp Fiction Octopus Alien
  • Tortoise and the Hare
  • Viking on his ship
  • Alien in UFO
  • Cowbow on horse
  • Trash can one-eyed worm
  • Mouse headed snake
  • Dinosaur (later turned into a nightmare)
  • Mailbox and Letter
  • Stay Puft
  • Snail
  • UFO and spaceship
  • Fairy
  • Worm-Dragon
  • Green Bone
  • Gold treasure
  • Little pig
  • Big Turtle
  • Spoon chasing Jello
  • Skateboard
  • Knight/Dark Knight #1
  • Wagon
  • Easter Bunny
  • Large Pizza
  • Large Dragon
  • Peter's Awards
  • Train
  • Albert Einstein
  • Janine as a Ghostbuster



The Real Ghostbusters


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