The Cabinet of Mystery [1] [2] is an ornately carved trick wooden cabinet, painted with hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian figures, that once belonged to Harry Houdini.


Harry Houdini once performed a cabinet escape illusion with his Cabinet of Mystery. After his death, the Cabinet and Houdini's secret journal wound up in the possession of Calamari. However, Houdini took the secrets of operating the cabinet with him in death. In 1974, Calamari, as Spumoni then, used the Cabinet of Mystery and was jailed in the unexplained disappearance of a volunteer named Irving. Irving was transported to a strange surrealist dimension with a giant eyeball, ever shifting desert, and melting clocks. Luckily, due to the dimension's own laws, Irving never aged.

Over 10 years later, Peter Venkman was also transported to the dimension by the Cabinet. Calamari attempted to flee the Magic Theater with the cabinet and his assistant Vanna but the Ghostbusters confronted him. Calamari shoved the cabinet at them and ran. Egon happened to find Houdini's secret journal. Ray then gave the journal to the ghost of Houdini. He then flew into the Cabinet and helped transport Irving and Peter back. Calamari later slipped into it and Houdini stranded him in the alternate dimension.


The Real Ghostbusters


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