Camden Town is a district of Inner London located in northwest London, England.


Camden Town owes its origins to the integration of railways but it eventually evolved into a venue for tourism, retail, and entertainment.

Writer Charles Dickens was a one-time resident of Camden Town. He placed various characters and places from his stories in Camden such as Bob Cratchit's family in "A Christmas Carol" (1843); the Micawbers in "David Copperfield" (1850); and in "Dombey and Son" (1846–1848), there was a trip through Camden Town.

In 1837, the Ghostbusters arrived in Camden Town due to a Time Slip. Unaware of what happened, they trapped the Ghosts of Christmas for Ebenezer Scrooge. Once they realized they changed history, they returned to set things right as Christmas Eve in the present winded down. After the ghosts were returned, the Ghost of Christmas Present teleported the Ghostbusters back to their kitchen in the Firehouse.


The Real Ghostbusters




Primary CanonEdit

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