Camp Waconda [1] [2] is Ray Stantz' fondest childhood memory and a campground.


In his youth, Ray used to roast Stay-Puft Marshmallows by the fire at Camp Waconda. This location was brought up when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was walking towards 55 Central Park West during the Gozer Incident.

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit

IDW ComicsEdit

During a bust, the team is taken to Camp Waconda by the Ghost of Christmas Past. Ray is entranced by the sight of his younger self with his parents and remains there even after the ghost is trapped. Egon speculated Ray would suffer catastrophic psychic damage if he stayed there too long. However, he appeared to be undamaged from the event.



Primary CanonEdit

Secondary Canon HistoryEdit


  1. Subtitle from Ghostbusters - 1999 DVD
  2. Subtitle from Ghostbusters Blu-Ray


Secondary CanonEdit

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