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"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Canine Poltergeists

New Poltergeists

Appeared in Ghostbusters: Infestation #1
Ghostbusters: Infestation #2

Canine Poltergeists are a group of poltergeists, restless spirits, that are resistant to the Containment Unit but become a solution to the Ghostbusters' other problem.


Dozens of Canine Poltergeists plagued New York City. The Ghostbusters captured them but when placed into the Containment Unit, they escaped. The mishap became widely known and made at least one newspaper headline, "Poltergeists! Ghostbusters Outmatched?" Egon Spengler had to figure out how to retool the Containment Unit to hold these spooks. At 20 Clinton Avenue, Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz recaptured a poltergeist when they encountered a Zombie.

When Janine Melnitz and Peter encountered another zombie, at the Firehouse, she threw a full Trap at it. The trap opened and released the poltergeist. The poltergeist immediately chose to possess the zombie, a body without a soul. Both entities were then altered on a subatomic level. Egon's analysis discovered if the poltergeist could be extracted in this new state, they could now be held in the Containment Unit indefinitely.

During the battle between the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Necrotic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the Ghostbusters attempted the ectoplasmic cross-pollination on the Necrotic entity with multiple poltergeists. The combination of poltergeists, zombie's Necrotic Slime, and Gozer's essence proved to be advantageously disruptive and the Necrotic Stay Puft exploded. The poltergeists fled the area and the Ghostbusters were set to recapture them once more.


These new poltergeists maintain a different ectoplasmic signature than typical entities. When placed in the Containment Unit, they can escape. After possessing the zombies created by Britt, they can be placed into the Unit.



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