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Specifics: Ghostbusters: The Board Game II

Captain Jack Higgins [1] is the captain of a team of ghost pirates.


Captain Jack Higgins was once known as the "blackest pirate to sail the seven seas" and the appearance of his ship, the Stag was often an ill omen. 200 years later, Higgins' 600 gold doubloons were discovered and put on display at a newly opened maritime museum in New York City. Higgins and his crew manifested as ghosts and sailed the Stag, now a ghost ship made of ectoplasmic lumber, to reclaim the treasure. [2] He was also accompanied by a bird that wouldn't shut up, much to his dismay. The Stag flew into the city and he attempted to rob New York of its valuables until he and his crew were captured by the Ghostbusters.


Captain Jack has the ability to sense where his gold doubloons are. [3]



The Real Ghostbusters


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