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Captain Steel [1] is a comic book based superhero. Ray Stantz is a diehard fan of Steel. He appears to own every issue and variant.


Len Wolfman created the "Captain Steel" comic featuring the superhero of the same name and his arch nemesis Dr. Destructo. Captain Steel lives in Delta City as Curt Clint, the mild mannered public accountant for a metropolitan ad agency. Alongside, Police Commissioner Grady, Captain Steel fights crime. [2] [3]

The Captain Steel character even inspired Ray Stantz and was one of the core reasons he became a Ghostbuster. [4] Interestingly enough, Wolfman helped make them so real they began to take a life of their own on the drawing board. They began to protest that Wolfman interfered in their lives and wanted more control. [5] However, in the 1980s, the comic was about to be canceled because it wasn't very popular anymore. [6] [7] [8] Wolfman opted to draw in a comet that drained Captain Steel and Dr. Destructo's powers, effectively turning them into normal human beings. Captain Steel resisted and manifested onto the physical plane.

Captain Steel is later seen stopping two crooks who just robbed a jewelry store. After dropping them off at the police station, the officers demanded proof of the robbery. Dumbfounded, Steel flew off and was soon shot at by Peter Venkman. Steel mistook them for villains, wrapped them up, and dropped them in mid-air as Dr. Destructo attacked. Dr. Destructo engaged him in battle and buried Steel under a building. He fortunately emerged unscratched. After Destructo fled the scene, Ray showed Steel his "Junior Crimestoppers Club" card and revealed he was also a "Member of Good Standing." He decides to help stop Dr. Destructo. [9]

Agreeing with Ray's suggestion, Captain changed into his alter ego Curt Clint to avoid attention. Upon arriving at the Firehouse, they realize Dr. Destructo set up an impenetrable force field around the building. When the Proton Streams and Steel failed to take down the field, they meet up with Wolfman. Wolfman is the only other person to know the nature of Destructo's weaponry. He then created a Quasitronic Nuclear Inverter that could weaken the nucleonic energy of the field. In exchange, Steel agreed to return to the comic after Destructo was defeated.

Captain Steel and the Ghostbusters breached the field and confronted Dr. Destructo. Surrounded, the mad doctor threatened to pull the switch on his device which will turn everyone into mindless zombies. Ray comes from behind and pushes a button on the Containment Unit console, capturing Dr. Destructo. Since Captain Steel was the only one with superpowers, he alone would resist the Unit. [10] Some time later, Captain Steel found out that the Captain Steel comic book was not being canceled after all due to the publicity he drummed up flying across New York and he then he returned to the pages with the promise of new adventures. [11]


Captain Steel's attire is a navy blue on and yellow one piece outfit, red boots, and a black cape with inner red color and a navy blue head gear.


Captain Steel has the powers of flight, super strength, super speed, invincibility, and heat vision. Steel's powers also allow him to resist Proton Streams and the force of the Containment Unit. He can also enter and exit Len Wolfman's drawing board at will.


  • Captain Steel is based on the DC Comics character Superman. He has several powers similar to Superman including super speed, flight, super strength, and heat vision. Even his alter ego Curt Clint was a knock off Superman's alter ego Clark Kent. He also wears a red and blue costume like Superman. It's possible the writer drew inspiration from DC character Superman.
  • Captain Steel's personality is based off a stereotype comic superheros always ready to save the day.
  • Another reference to Superman was when Ray spotted him in the sky saying, "Look! Up in the sky!".
  • Captain Steel's name is also a reference to Superman's nickname, "The Man of Steel."
  • It is also noteworthy that his arch nemesis Dr. Destructo is likely based off Superman's enemy Lex Luthor, as well as the mad scientist villain archetype.
  • While not being referred to as such, Captain Steel functions as a Free Roaming Archetype. While people never thought of him as 'real', he was still openly admired and praised by die hard fans. This is perhaps fitting since he is a tribute to the legendary Superman.
  • Copycat briefly transforms into Captain Steel after posing as one of Ray's comic books. In a short cameo, Copycat as Captain Steel pummels the Ghostbusters.
  • In the Swedish dub the character's name is Kapten Stål, translated after the English original name.


Primary CanonEdit

The Real Ghostbusters

Secondary CanonEdit

The Real Ghostbusters NOW Comics

  • NOW Comics Vol. 1-9
    • Mentioned in detail including events in "Captain Steel Saves the Day" episode


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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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