The Central Park Zoo is a famous zoo in the South East side of Central Park in Manhattan.


Slimer once took a job from Rudy as a dog walker. Slimer walked a pair of dogs into the Central Park Zoo. However, they chased after a cat and dragged Slimer along. He flew into a pen and slimed a gorilla. Soon after, Professor Dweeb and Elizabeth arrived in the Improved Ecto Vac. The device detected the slime on the gorilla and pulled it out of its pen. After the gorilla voiced its disapproval, Dweeb, Elizabeth, and the Vac vacated the zoo.

Slimer and a Tourist Alien later visited the zoo. The alien wandered into the crocodile exhibit and walked right into the crocodile's open mouth to take photographs. Slimer pulled the alien to safety just as the Delivery Robot was swallowed by the same crocodile.



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