Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue is a form of environmental residue. Not to be confused with Destructor Manifestation Residue for which both originate from a Class 7 entity's Destructor Manifestation.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: Paranormal Residue (caustic)
  • Abilities: Very hot and sticky

Tobin's Summary:Edit

A Destructor Manifestation's power is rumored to be such that even something as simple as the Residue left behind from its contact with physical objects can pose a threat to humans. It is possible this Charged Residue could even take on a separate life of its own that could pose almost as great a threat to humans as the Destructor Manifestation itself.

Egon's Notes:Edit

I theorize that the Residue Tobin describes actually maintains a psychokinetic link with the Destructor that originated it; thus the manifestation will know if the Residue is disturbed and likely react accordingly.

Ray's Tips:Edit

As if the normal goop wasn't sticky enough, the Charged variety of this residue can actually produce minions that attack nearby humans. Don't take too long destroying this fluff with a Boson Darts or you could get swarmed.

Supplemental DataEdit

The art page can be found in Times Square, during the "One S'more Time" section. It is inside a molten-looking marshmallow pile just after the Spirit Lock encounter.


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