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The Cheap Thrills Amusement Park is a carnival formerly located in Brooklyn.


In 1942, tenement buildings were torn down. [1] In 1944, the Matchstick and Butterworth Circus played their venue on a lot in Brooklyn many times. However, a fire decimated the circus. Only the circus animals were killed. [2] There was a post-World War II boom in construction, and some buildings were completed in 1948. [3] In the 1970s, Spinelli's Malt Shop was a favored hangout of teenagers in the neighborhood. [4] At some point in the next decade, Spinelli's closed down and the lot was occupied by the Cheap Thrills Amusement Park.

During a date/not date, Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz stumbled upon Cheap Thrills while looking for Spinelli's Malt Shop. While walking around the carnival, they discovered a roller coaster ride called Rollerghoster infringed on the Ghostbusters trademark. Egon threatened to sue but was thrown out. It was later found out the carnival was built on a haunted lot.

The spirits of deceased animals manifested and took control of the Rollerghoster, taking 10 hostages in the process. The Ghostbusters were called in after police evacuated Cheap Thrills. While trying to negotiate, Ray Stantz was also taken by the ghosts. Eventually, the ghosts were fooled into vacating the roller coaster and were dispersed. Cheap Thrills was entirely demolished in the process.

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The Real Ghostbusters


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