Chip Hanson [1] is a student attending New York City College and a member of their football team.


Chip Hanson started dating Tina Bell at some point but was not-so-secretly admired by Bess. After the The Witches summoned Cernunnos, they used their power to punish Bell for dissing Bess. With Bell supposedly out of town, Chip became annoyed when all sorts of single women approached him. After practice, he snapped at Bess for trying to ask him out. The Witches retaliated and he was transmutated into a tree-like hag. The Extreme Ghostbusters took readings and a bark sample. Egon Spengler confirmed a 98.1% analysis with ectoplasmic residue from Tina's Apartment. Once Cernunnos was trapped, Chip was restored to his normal self.



Extreme Ghostbusters


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