The Chomp Bar is a milk chocolate bar with crisped rice mixed inside it.


While the Chicago Ghostbusters spoke at Nevermore Elementary School, a student offered Ron Alexander a Chomp bar. Ron quickly snatched it out of the boy's hand and ate it as he continued talking. A few months later, in December, Peter Venkman gave a Chomp Bar to a would-be victim of the Sinterklaas Ghost to take her mind off the traumatic ordeal. A Chomp bar was present on one of the tables in his apartment when he spoke with the other Ghostbusters over the phone about the Poveglia case.


  • The Chomp bar is visually based on Nestle's Crunch bar.
  • In Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #11, page 4, there is a Chomp Bar among the boy's gifts.
  • Egon keeps a Chomp bar in his foot locker.


IDW Comics



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