Cindy [1] [2] is part of a clique of friends who teases and taunts Kenny Fenderman constantly.


Cindy is part of Willie Bradford's circle but seems to feel sorry for Kenny, secretly rooting for him. It seems as if Kenny is mostly trying to prove himself to Cindy as part of a school yard crush. Most likely, Cindy is the popular girl in school, as well. Things changed when Kenny returned with official Ghostbusters equipment, a device named the Ecto-Aroma Eliminator. Ever skeptical, Willie challenged Kenny to stay one night alone at the old Halliwell Mansion, home of the ghost of Halliwell. Come the next morning, Kenny emerged unscathed and in the company of the Ghostbusters, who successfully captured the General. Cindy was certainly impressed but if Kenny got a date or not is unknown.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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