The City Dump (also known as City of New York Dump) [1] is located on the waterfront underneath a bridge.



After the Sleaze was accidentally released from the Containment Unit, he resurfaced at the City Dump. Slimer and the Junior Ghostbusters tracked Sleaze to the dump and tried to recapture him. However, their plunger offensive was no use. While they dived into a pile of mud, the Sleaze made another getaway.

Extreme GhostbustersEdit

In 1997, Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera visited the City Dump in search of the lost Proton Pistol. After they spoke with the City Dump Foreman, the duo went to the other side of the yard to a green container marked "17" but a pair of boys already found the Pistol and left the grounds through a hole in the perimeter fence. As they fought over the Pistol, they accidentally shot a smoke stack in the yard.

Known EmployeesEdit



Extreme Ghostbusters


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