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The City Museum [1] is a history museum in New York City.


In the 1940s, the City Museum was loaned King Todd's Treasure for an exhibit. They hired Phillip Spade, a private detective, to keep an eye on the treasure. A master thief named Blackie ignored the curse and stole the treasure from Todd's sarcophagus. [2] [3] [4] Spade followed Blackie after he left the museum and witnessed the curse change him into a monstrous guardian.

In the 1980s, the Ghostbusters took the treasure back to museum. They hurried down the basement and found the exhibit archived. Spade and Blackie arrived soon after. Peter Venkman mustered his strength and single-handedly threw the treasure into Todd's sarcophagus. Blackie returned to normal and peacefully dispersed with Spade. [5]


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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