Citystal Magazine is a women's fashion magazine that features articles and tips about a variety of topics including beauty, fashion, love, home, entertaining, charitable endeavors and celebrity lifestyles.


Primary Canon HistoryEdit

Ghostbusters: The Video GameEdit

During the events of the Ivo Shandor incident during the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday weekend, Janine Melnitz had an issue of Citystal at her front desk in the Firehouse.


  • Based on the front cover, the issue Janine had featured the articles:
    • Getting your Boss' attention
    • 30 Ways to Stay Hip - Don't Lose Your Style
    • Caught - Now He's Gonna Pay
    • Men with Brains and Where to Find Them
  • On the back cover is an unused design for the Stone Gargoyle. The back cover appears to be a fragrance advertisement.
  • One of the articles in the issue has a photo of Ivo Shandor, most likely in conjunction with the World of Gozer exhibit opening.


Primary CanonEdit


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