A Class 4 Entity (that is part of the Classification System) are human in looks and are identified easy.


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Class IV: Identity established. Distinct human form and personality with known identity, such as General Custer or Cleopatra. Economic disposal methods include research into the background of said entity, as well as possible communication with it.

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Class 4 entities are like Class 3's in that they have a human form. However, a Class 4 knows its identity and possesses memories or replicas of memories from their past life. Dealing with a Class 4 can require research into the life of that person in order to solve the case at hand; typically that of their wants desires, addictions, and habits. A Class 4 is capable of immense power if there is a source to draw from, such as the collection of Psychomagnotheric Slime known as the River of Slime or the raw ambient energy of Gozer as it built up towards its next manifestation. In these cases, the Class 4 can exhibit power that is typical of a Class 6 or Class 7. [1]

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IDW ComicsEdit

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Animated Series Class 4Edit

The animated series doesn't follow the same rules as RPG and can go higher. To read more about it go to Animated Classifications.


  1. Ghostbusters 101 Class Notes (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #1" (2017) (Comic p.23). Class Notes reads: "Like a class 3, a class 4 manifestation leans towards a regular human shape and personality -- with one major addition, that of an identity. They know who they are (were) and hold the memories (or as I have come to believe, replicas of the memories) that they held in life. Dealing with a Class 4 can become easier with research into the person that they were; wants, desires, addictions, and habits tend to remain consistent. Beyond that, anything is possible. A class 4 entity is capable of immense power; please see our case file on Vigo the Carpathian for a good example -- the short version is that this particular class 4 formed a symbiotic relationship with a cache of psychomagnetheric ectoplasm and gained enough power to rival a class 7."

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