"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Collectors' Limbo is a realm between dimensional planes used by The Collectors to imprison their victims.


In February, the Ghostbusters were separately kidnapped by the Collectors and taken to another dimension. They awoke to find themselves reunited but stranded. Egon Spengler discovered the readings of the realm matched the baseline of Times Square almost perfectly, indicating they were actually between dimensions. The dimensional wall was so thin that it only distorted the P.K.E. reading by a small margin of 0.00073%. [1] Ray Stantz suggested it was time to put a theory he and Egon talked about at length to practice. They would use Ray's Proton Pack to jury rig a controlled explosion and rip a hole in the interdimensional fabric just wide enough for them to slip through and return home. Egon warned there was a small chance the explosion could cause the dimension to fold over their own and destroy both places. Egon was elected to initiate the explosion. The rip was successful and brought the Ghostbusters back to their proper dimension.



Primary CanonEdit

IDW Comics

Secondary CanonEdit

Cryptozoic Entertainment


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