The Crimelord was a major criminal and top racket boss in New York. He was the main villain in an episode of The Real Ghostbusters.


When paranormal activity started slowing down, the Ghostbusters needed a new way to keep from going out of business. After Slimer inadvertently foiled a jewel theft, the Ghostbusters decided to temporarily become Crimebusters and catch criminals instead of ghosts. The Crimelord did not like the Crimebusters, so he sent his men to kidnap Janine. Saving Janine from the Crimelord proved to be the toughest challenge yet. After finally defeating the Crimelord and rescuing Janine, crime rates drop severely. Luckily, the ghosts start coming back to New York, enabling the Crimebusters to return to being Ghostbusters.


Crimelord has one gold tooth.



The Real Ghostbusters


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