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Cross the Streams (also known as Crossing the Streams) is in reference to when two or more Proton Streams cross paths.


Primary CanonEdit

It was spoken of twice by Egon Spengler, (and performed once,) in 1984. During the Ghostbusters' first case, in the Sedgewick Hotel, Egon warns everyone to never "Cross the Streams", which refers to the proton beams from multiple Particle Throwers crossing paths during use. Egon noted "It would be bad."

Several weeks later, to defeat Gozer, Egon told everyone to cross the streams, knowing full well the risks. Seven years later, on the Thanksgiving 1991 holiday, the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to destroy Ivo Shandor.

Secondary CanonEdit

The Real GhostbustersEdit

During the Captain Steel and Dr. Destructo incident, the Ghostbusters were mistaken as supervillains by Steel. Captain disarmed them with his heat vision and bent a steel pole around all of them. Captain picked them up and flew off with them in hand but Dr. Destructo blasted Steel making him drop the Ghostbusters. In order to save themselves from falling to their death, the Ghostbusters pointed their Particle Throwers at the water below and crossed the streams. [1] This created a large plume of water that cushioned their impact. Egon Spengler later admitted he didn't know it would have saved their lives or not.

IDW ComicsEdit

During one spring season, nine Ghostbusters crossed the streams on Tiamat in a battle atop Dana's current apartment. They were returned to the physical plane and both Dana Barrett and Louis Tully were restored to normal but Tiamat's presence was still felt when Blood Rain showered on them and a disembodied laugh could be heard.


Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit



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Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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