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Cynthia Crawford [2] is a local UBN television reporter, that likes interviewing the Ghostbusters. [3]


Near Halloween eve, Cynthia Crawford reported outside a building the Ghostbusters were clearing of ghosts. She quoted Peter Venkman's prior statement that the bust was a minor one. She implied the surge in paranormal activity was connected to the Halloween holiday coming up.

Cynthia Crawford later interviewed the Ghostbusters at the Firehouse. Peter Venkman told her what happened after the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer when she asked him about Slimer. Crawford then published a report about Slimer as part of her segment, "The Hidden History of the Ghostbusters."


She seems to be a kind reporter that is looking for the story, and she usually gets it. She seems to have good sense at knowing how to find a good story out of any interview, even Peter's.



The Real Ghostbusters


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