Cyrus Spengler [1] (also known as Dr. Spengler) [2] runs Spengler Laboratories. He wants his nephew Egon to help him. He arrives in New York to see how his nephew is doing and reveals that he doesn't believe in ghosts, much like Winston's father Edward Zeddemore. [3]


Cyrus needed help running his new research lab and decided to ask Egon. He took a flight to New York City. The Ghostbusters neglected to pick him up because they took longer than they thought with a case on West 12th Street. Cyrus took a cab to the Firehouse and met Janine. Without his prescription glasses on, he mistook Slimer for a cat who played in the mud. Cyrus was dismayed by what Egon was doing with his life. The guys decided to take Cyrus with them on a bust in the Garment District but he lost his glasses and didn't see a thing. Cyrus essentially forced Egon to make good on a promise long ago to help him in his studies. [4] [5] [6] He had Egon work at his lab feeding rats. Cyrus allowed the other Ghostbusters have Egon back for at least one more bust, Poltergeists. He declined to go with them and stayed at the Firehouse. While in the basement with Janine, he examined the Containment Unit. He ignored Janine's warnings and fiddled with the airlock. He accidentally freed the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Only then he realized that ghosts were indeed real and that the Ghostbusters needed Egon. After Stay Puft was recaptured, Cyrus absolved Egon of his obligation and told his nephew that he should stay with the Ghostbusters and had important work to do.


Cyrus has been shown to be a no-nonsense pragmatist and initially doesn't believe parapsychology to be a legitimate science. He does prove to be a decent guy upon learning that the paranormal is very real and shows support for Egon pursuing it. He also has extreme astigmatism, mistaking Slimer for a cat upon losing his glasses and missing seeing a real ghostbusting emergency.


  • Cyrus can't see without his glasses. [7]
  • Cyrus gives us one of the two sole clues regarding Egon's father in both animated series: That he has a brother. Plus Cyrus illustrates the notion that scholars and scientists run in the family. The other clue is Egon mentioning that his parents didn't speak to him for a week following his sole A-Minus grade in college. [8] Implying his father was a harsh perfectionist.
  • In Ghostbusters Issue #2 page 19, Cyrus watches Jacquelyn and Zac take a photograph by the bear statue.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters International #8, in panel 1, in the portrait is of Uncle Cyrus.


The Real Ghostbusters


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