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Dan Schoening

Comics Penciler, Animator

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Dan Schoening (also known as Dapper Dan) is an animator and comics penciler based in the city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.


Dan Schoening, from a young age, was always encouraged to draw. Dragon's Lair influenced him to go into animation. He began to study art in high school and graduated with honors. [1] Schoening studied visual arts at Camosun College and animation at VanArts. He storyboarded for the Cartoon Network's "Ed, Edd n Eddy" and on educational software for kids through Victoria's InLight Entertainment. In the comic book industry, Schoening has done work for DC Comics and Ape Entertainment. He describes himself as quiet and introverted and admits his biggest fans are his mother and daughter. [2]


Dan Schoening uses Col-Erase pencils for line work then he finishes art using Photoshop. [3] The art goes to Luis Delgado for coloring. Between the two, it takes about 3.5 weeks to complete an issue's worth of art. [4] The first 3-4 days are spent on thumb-nailing upon getting an issue script from Erik Burnham. Schoening usually spends 14 hours on average on each page. [5]

Related to GhostbustersEdit

He has done pencils in comic book stories:

He had done covers in the comic books:


In March 2009, Dan Schoening and James Eatock started work on a pitch for a 10 issue arc to IDW Comics that took place five months after the first movie. Louis Tully, Dana Barrett, and Walter Peck were set to appear. Plans included not repeating events from the movie, not much of Slimer, and staying grounded in New York City. Four sequential pages were included to illustrate the pitch and the story was titled "The Things I Could Tell You About Ereshkigal." The guys emerged from a bust in downtown involving a Class 7 with six tentacles and shot eye beams only to be interviewed by Cynthia Crawford. The first two issues dealt with Jennifer becoming merged with a female spirit called Ereshkigal. The stories would continue with Riker's Island, Ellis Island, and new characters with shady plans.

They pitched the comic months later. The pitch wasn't green lit because a ten issue series was too risky at the time. Ultimately, Eatock and Schoening did an exclusive story "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?" for the Haunted Holidays trade collection. [10] [11]


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