The Dark Rider [1] [2] was a manifestation of the cruel and selfish nature of Simon Quegg. [3]


The Dark Rider first appeared in 1887 during a terrible storm and pursued Quegg, who was unable to find his way home for 100 years. Over the century, only a few people ever saw the Dark Rider and disaster always ruined them. [4] He chased Quegg forever until the Ghostbusters advised him to stop and let the Rider catch up to him. After realizing what the Dark Rider really was, the Rider disappeared and Quegg was finally able to go home.


While he doesn't appear to have any powers, it is unknown if he could leave his horse or if he was trapped like Simon Quegg. His classification is never stated but Ray thinks Quegg and the Dark Rider were solid-looking Full Torso Apparitions upon first seeing them. [5] The P.K.E. Meter confirms a sizable spectral disturbance took place.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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