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Destructor Manifestation Residue is a form of environmental residue. Not to be confused with Charged Destructor Manifestation Residue for which both originate from a Class 7 entity's Destructor Manifestation.

According to Tobin's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Category: Paranormal Residue (inert)
  • Abilities: Very sticky

Tobin's Summary:Edit

A Destructor Manifestation's power is rumored to be such that even something as simple as the Residue left behind from its contact with physical objects can pose a threat to humans.

Egon's Notes:Edit

I theorize that the Residue Tobin describes actually maintains a psychokinetic link with the Destructor that originated it; thus the manifestation will know if the residue is disturbed and likely react accordingly.

Ray's Tips:Edit

This stuff sounds worse that it really is. This stuff can be easily melted with a Boson Dart, so bombs away!

Supplemental DataEdit

The art page can be found in Times Square, during the "One S'More Time" section. It is inside a plain looking marshmallow pile, just after Boson Darts are unlocked.


  • The sixth message left on the Firehouse answering machine accessible after the cut scenes that follow the Panic in Times Square Level is from a male caller asking if the Destructor Manifestation Residue is edible or not and what to do if he ate some. [1]


  1. Male Caller; After Panic in Times Square, Firehouse 2nd Floor Answering Machine Message 6 of 13 (2009). Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Realistic Versions) - Firehouse (2009) (PC/PS3/Xbox 360). Terminal Reality. Male Caller says: "Yeah, I was wondering. Is it safe to eat all this marshmallow goop that's covering my balcony. And as a follow-up question, what if I already did?"

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