Die echten Ghostbusters - Das Original zur Fernseh-Serie (The Real Ghostbusters - The Original to the TV-Series) is a series of German translated The Real Ghostbusters episodes put on audio cassettes. There are 30 tapes in the series.


The series consists of 30 cassettes which had 2 episodes each, totally 60 episodes which were based on episodes from season 1 and 2. The German audio is the same as recorded for the television series. It is noted that editing was done to shorten the stories, as the original episodes were 21–24 minutes while the tapes are around 18–20 minutes. Also in parts there was narration added to explain a scene since the dialog was based on a visible medium.

The covers of the cassettes usually used stock images from the real ghostbusters, but also used some Ghostbusters II images as well. Normally the cover did not use art from the actual episodes it was covering.

Tapes in SeriesEdit

Episode titles found at

Folge 31 and Ongoing (Fan Episodes)Edit

From 31 and on, are not official and are not audio based on TV series episodes. They are fan written and performed episodes.[1]

Episodes not usedEdit

The following are episodes not used from seasons 1 or 2.


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