Dr. William Murray Hazzard (also known as simply Doc Hazzard) was a scientist who was a member of the Crime Patrol. The other members were the Crimson Crimebuster, the Lunar Avenger, and Dark Dwarf. He wears a pale blue hazmat suit and has telepathic powers. The team's archnemesis Fu Fang could never be held in a regular prison cell, so he imprisoned Fu Fang in a stasis chamber. Recently, he saw that Fu Fang was gone. He is noted for inventing a handheld proton gun with the power source built into itself before the Ghostbusters even invented the proton packs. Egon's grandfather also knew him. When the Ghostbusters, the Lunar Avenger, and the Crimson Crimebuster fought Fu Fang, Doc Hazzard, now aged and confined to a wheelchair, uses his mental powers to extract Fu Fang's spirit from his body, which was revealed to be a cloned body. The Ghostbusters then trapped his soul. Doc Hazzard was later recruited by the Ghostbusters to help them defeat Nurtog. Sure enough, he successfully managed to get rid of Nurtog's minions and Nurtog was destroyed.


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