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"Dopey Dog, Dopey Dog. Flying through the air. Dopey Dog, Dopey Dog. Flying everywhere. C'mon Boy, we need you! Don't let us down. Dopey Dog, Dopey Dog. We need you!"

- Ray Stantz; Who're You Calling Two-Dimensional?

Dopey Dog was one of the cartoon creations of Walt Fleischman.


Dopey Dog was an animal hero created by Walt Fleischman and became his biggest star. Dopey Dog's archenemy Winchester Wolf eventually Fleischman prisoner in the Cartoon World and had the poor guy endure decades of slapstick-style torture. Eventually, the Ghostbusters entered the Cartoon World. Ray Stantz successfully summoned Dopey Dog and implored him to help.

At first, Doepy was hesitant as he only played a hero. He later agreed to and saved Fleischman with help other creations of the cartoon genius. Dopey and the heroes sacrificed themselves so Walt and the Ghostbusters could return to the physical plane. After returning to the real world, Walt Fleischman gave Ray a life size Dopey Dog doll.


Dopey Dog is actually pretty bright for a person named Dopey. He also believes in justice.



The Real Ghostbusters


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  2. skankerzero Ghostbusters Fans post 2/22/10


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